Types of Wet Dry Vacuums

March 23, 2023

If you are looking for a versatile cleaning tool that can tackle both wet and dry messes, a wet dry vacuum cleaner is the way to go. These powerful machines come in a variety of models and types, each with its own unique set of features and benefits. In this blog, we will explore the different types of wet dry vacuums available and their pros and cons.

Corded Wet Dry Vacuums

Corded wet dry vacuums are the most common type of wet dry vacuums. As the name suggests, they require a power outlet and a cord to operate. They offer powerful suction and can handle both wet and dry debris. Corded models are generally more powerful than cordless models and can be used for longer periods of time without needing a recharge. They are also typically less expensive than cordless models. However, the downside to a corded wet dry vacuum cleaner is that the cord can limit your mobility and make it difficult to reach certain areas.

Cordless Wet Dry Vacuums

Cordless wet dry vacuums are powered by rechargeable batteries, allowing for more freedom of movement and the ability to reach tight spaces that a corded model may not be able to. They are typically lightweight and easy to maneuver. The downside is that cordless models are generally less powerful than their corded counterparts and may have a shorter battery life, requiring more frequent recharging. They also tend to be more expensive than corded models.

Types of Wet Dry Vacuums

Handheld Wet Dry Vacuums

Handheld wet dry vacuums are small and portable, making them ideal for quick cleanups and hard-to-reach areas. They can be corded or cordless and are perfect for cleaning up spills or pet hair. They are generally less powerful than larger wet dry vacuum cleaners and have a smaller capacity, meaning they will need to be emptied more frequently.

Backpack Wet Dry Vacuums

Backpack wet dry vacuums are designed for commercial use and are worn like a backpack. They offer powerful suction and a larger capacity than handheld models, making them perfect for big jobs and cleaning hard-to-reach areas. They are also more comfortable to use for extended periods of time since the weight is distributed evenly across your back. However, they can be more expensive than other types of wet and dry vacuum.

Wet-Only and Dry-Only Models

Some wet dry vacuums are designed to handle either wet or dry debris, while others can handle both. Wet vacuums are perfect for cleaning up liquid spills, while dry-only models are ideal for vacuuming dust and debris. Dual-function wet dry vacuum cleaner is the most versatile, but if you only need to clean up wet or dry messes, a wet-only or dry-only model may be more suitable.


In conclusion, there are many types of wet dry vacuums available, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Consider your cleaning needs and preferences when choosing the best wet dry vacuum cleaner for you. Whether you opt for a corded or cordless model, handheld or backpack, wet-only or dual-function, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner cleaner can make your cleaning tasks much easier and more efficient.