How To Repair And Keep Your Vacuum Working?

How To Repair And Keep Your Vacuum Working?

Have you ever come across this circumstance? The vacuum cleaner clogs, flashes, loses suction power, and the floor brush ceases to rotate while being used. These issues are aggravating. We always apply for vacuum cleaner repair services or look for a vacuum cleaner repair shop as soon as we encounter this issue. However, it's a smart alternative to try to fix the vacuum cleaner on your own while you wait for the repair!

Can vacuum cleaner be repaired?

The main components of a vacuum cleaner are the main unit, the dust cup, the duct, and the floor brush, which can support repairs. Whenever there is a problem with the machine, we can determine the part of the machine that has a problem and thus make simple repairs according to the maintenance instructions in the instruction manual.

Is it worth repairing a vacuum cleaner?

Whether it is worthwhile to repair vacuum cleaner depends on how much it costs and how long it will be in use. It is strongly advised that you have the vacuum cleaner repaired if you bought a very expensive vacuum cleaner and haven't used it in a very long time. However, if you simply bought a cheap vacuum cleaner and have used it after the warranty has expired, we advise you to give it up and think about buying a new vacuum that suits your needs instead, the modern vacuum like Maircle S3 series vacuums are well built and they rarely need any servicer.

How to apply for Vacuum cleaner repair service?

It is strongly advised that you seek vacuum cleaner repair service directly if your machine is still covered by warranty and you experience issues that cannot be fixed. Here are some methods for doing this.

Buying Platform

Use the buying platform to immediately contact customer service and request after-sales support. For instance, there are ways to get in touch with customer care directly at Amazon, Walmart, etc.

User Manual

Confirm the contact information by checking the user manual, warranty card, or official website. Usually, we are able to locate the after-sales email or phone number, which is quite beneficial for us to submit a warranty request.

Social Media

Get after-sales support by contacting through official social media. For instance: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Repair Shop

Look for a nearby vacuum cleaner repair shop. To make dealing with equipment issues easier, many vacuum cleaner companies established a vacuum cleaner repair shop in each location.

How do I troubleshoot a vacuum?

While experiencing basic issues with a cordless vacuum cleaner, there are a few easy methods to use besides contacting after-sales service.

  • Poor Suction

Weakness in suction power is the most common problem, especially with vacuum cleaners that have been in use for some time. The main reasons for this problem are clogged ducts or floor brushes, dusty filter HEPA blocking the air outlet, etc. To solve this problem, please clean the machine and replace the filter HEPA, if the problem still can not be solved, perhaps the motor or filter system problems, please get in touch with customer service for professional repair services.

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  • Short Battery Endurance

Wireless vacuum cleaners generally have different gears, different gears range time differently, and cleaning content is also different. Some vacuum cleaners in low-grade mode can last up to 70 minutes, so you shouldn't worry about running out of time to finish cleaning your home. There are two key contributing aspects for the question of endurance time:

Maircle vacuum cleaner fast charging battery

1. If used only in high-grade mode while cleaning - the battery drains faster, and you can't complete the whole house.

2. Battery life decreases after some time - Like all other device battery, for example, a phone, the cordless vacuum cleaner battery also has its lifespan.

So, we need to use different modes according to different cleaning scenarios and encounter difficulty cleaning up the garbage. We can use high-grade and low-grade modes to alternate with each other.

  • Floor brush stops rotating

There is occasionally a problem with the electric floor brush with the separate motor where the floor brush stops rotating.

1. short circuit of the cable connected to the floor brush.

2. breakage of the floor brush drive belt.

3. the floor brush is badly tangled by the hair are the root causes of this issue.

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Please take the following steps to resolve this issue.

First, please check if the ground brush LED light is on (please ignore it if your ground brush does not come with an LED light). If the LED light is on, please check the second and third treatments directly; conversely, please check if the cable connected to the ground brush is broken or short-circuited.

Second, if the LED light is on but the brush is not rotating, please check to see if the brush roll bar is blocked or if there is considerable hair entanglement. If so, please clean it.

Third, after clearing the blockage or hair, and connecting the brush directly to the host head, if the brush still does not rotate, please use the tool to unscrew the brush screw to see if the brush drive belt is broken.

Get to know more vacuum cleaner repair tips

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