Maintenance of a cordless vacuum cleaner

After choosing and purchasing a suitable cordless vacuum for your home, it is essential to understand how to maintain the vacuum cleaner properly. A durable vacuum cleaner is a good asset, but it must also be cared for according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Therefore, we will introduce you to the most important aspects of a cordless vacuum cleaner after purchasing care.

How to maintain vacuum cleaner?

Every cordless vacuum cleaner has a different design and functionality. However, it shares the essential standard tip – to be cleaned and maintained. If you can understand how to maintain the vacuum cleaner, it will prolong its life, and it will be less probable that you will need replacement parts soon.

Importance of the HEPA filter of cordless vacuum cleaners

Most cordless vacuum cleaners assemble with a modern HEPA filtration system. It ensures the highest (almost 99%) dust absorption and deepest cleaning through the carpet. However, as the filtrations system is effective, it has an increased risk of being clogged if not adequately cleaned. Clogging can cause filter dust to go inside the motor and permanently damage the vacuum. Therefore, the HEPA filter needs to be cleaned regularly. Some vacuum cleaners, like the Maircle S3 cordless vacuum, come with washable HEPA, which is sustainable and makes proper care of the vacuum cleaner easier.

Maintenance of a cordless vacuum cleaner

Keeping the vacuum components clean is a key

Every cordless vacuum cleaner has many details like a tube, brush head, brush, and dust container. Vacuum cleaner care and maintenance start by emptying those components and ensuring they are clear/unclogged. Most of these parts are easy to clean, but we recommend checking the manual and avoid to wash with water if the part contains electric prongs.

Brush head needs to be rolling

Vacuum cleaners that come with rotating brush heads need extra care. The brush head is an electric part of the cleaner, and if it is not rolling, you might end up with a warranty case. It simply needs to be checked after every usage to avoid such issues and ensure no hair is stuck inside. Unfortunately, hair is everywhere, and the problem is common. Some manufacturers have already solved this problem with extraordinary brush development. For more information about anti-hair tangle brush, you can check Maircle S3 hair tangle-free technology topic.

Battery life

If you know how to maintain vacuum cleaner components, you might also need to care for its most crucial part – the battery. Cordless vacuum cleaners run by battery, and the better you maintain them, the longer you can vacuum your house. Some vacuum cleaners like Maircle S3 series vacuum cleaners ,runs for as long as 70 minutes. Every battery has its lifespan, but caring makes it longer. We recommend considering the following tips to avoid short-lived batteries:

1.Don’t overcharge the battery.

2.Ensure a stable electricity connection.

3.Avoid physical damage.

4.Stay it out of heat and fire.

Maintenance of a cordless vacuum cleaner

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